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People Matter.

Customers Matter.

Growth Matters.

We help you connect all three.
Here at The Customer Agency we like to think about things differently. We know you are short of time and budgets are tight.

We're passionate about ensuring you stop wasting time treating the symptoms of your growth problems.

We work with you to focus on what’s really at stake: customer loyalty, your bottom line, and growth. None of this can happen without a solid plan, engaged teams and customers that enjoy working with you.

We end the cycle of generic sales team training and marketing strategies. Let's take the guesswork out of understanding what your customers want as you build the foundations for lasting growth.

Are you ready to GROW?

Our Team

Jonathan Simpson
New Accounts
Bella Ridley
Key Account Manager
James Godwin
Gizelle M.
Key Account Manager
Jan Harper
Sam Y.
Night Manager
Bruce Forsyth

Meet our Founders

Founded in 2018, we've come together to provide a more mindful approach to building sustainable customer growth. We help teams execute actionable plans and strategies that accelerate growth by an invigorated and engaged customer teams.

Sarah Kerr

With over 20 years in customer facing roles, Sarah has been listening to, advising, partnering & selling to customers for a while! With a focus on customer relationship and growth, Sarah strives to drive a constant level of improvement combined with insights, customer experience and engagement.

Jason Bargent

For over 25 years, Jason has a curious passion about selling and the psychology behind customer purchase decisions. He has been helping global companies change their thinking to put the customer at the heart of every engagement. He is passionate about helping companies implement simple and quick approaches to drive rapid improvement and growth.

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