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Here at The Customer Agency, we think about B2B sales a little differently.

We'd like to help your teams think differently, too.

We know you're short of time and budgets are tight.
That's why we've spent decades perfecting simple, tried-and-tested solutions to ensure you stop wasting time treating the symptoms of your growth problems.

We empower your people to think differently, act differently, and place your clients at the heart of everything they do.

We partner with you to focus on what’s really at stake: customer loyalty, your bottom line, and growth. Change does not occur without a solid plan, engaged teams and customers that enjoy working with you. We can help you make it all happen.

We support you to end the cycle of generic sales team training and tired marketing strategies, with bespoke, tailored plans and the tools and resources to match. We help you take out the guesswork, so you can truly understanding what your customers want, to future-proof your business for lasting growth.

Founded in 2018, The Customer Agency provides a more mindful approach to building long-term customer relationships. We help teams execute actionable plans and strategies to invigorate your sales teams approach and accelerate your business's growth.

With more than 20 years’ experience in customer facing and leadership roles, Sarah has listened to, advised, partnered with and engaged more customers than she can count.

In her work as Co-founder and Consultant at TCA, Sarah harnesses the power of bias-breaking behavioural psychology to help B2B sales and customer facing teams elevate their client relationships.

Driving perpetual improvement to transform B2B customer experiences is what light's Sarah's fire.

When she's not bouncing from coaching sessions to workshops and back again, Sarah enjoys yoga, discovering new local cafes, and spending time in the sun with her family.
For over 25 years, Jason has partnered with global companies to shift old, tired sales approaches, supporting individuals and teams to position the customer at the heart of every engagement. He believes that all great client relationships truly begin when one looks at oneself through the customers' eyes – without bias.

A bright, charismatic people-person with an insatiable curiosity for human psychology, Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as Co-founder and Coach at TCA.

Outside of the office, Jason enjoys exploring exotic new places, coffee by the litre, and cracking terrible jokes.
Jess is a graphic designer extraordinaire. Her passion? Harnessing that creative genius to add value to B2B businesses.

Jess's creative approach is to first gain a deep understanding of your customer. Then, and only then will she ideate and develop creative assets ensuring every. single. element. resonates with your audience.

Bringing together design, photography and art direction, Jess has contributed her creative flair to eye-catching brand revamps, wildly successful marketing campaigns and more.

When she's not designing up a storm, you can find Jess travelling, honing her creative skillset, and checking out the hottest wineries and distilleries.
Designer, illustrator, visual artist and delightful human – these are some of the ways we describe “Liz”, one of the enviably talented designers here at TCA.

With more than 16 years experience delivering delightful design services for various professional consulting and start-up mobs, Liz is as experienced as she is skilled. Her client-focussed way of working, and the innovative visual solutions she offers has seen Liz become an integral part of the TCA team.

When Liz isn’t whipping up feats of visual excellence for TCA, she can be found enjoying life-drawing classes, and spending time with her family.
April's first ever job was in sales - at KFC, at the age of 14 and 9 months, where she was paid $5.19 an hour and ate unlimited fried chicken for free.

These days, she eats less free chicken (sad face) but gets to wordsmith engaging, impactful B2B copy for businesses across the world in her role as Content Producer here at TCA (happy face!).

April lives and breathes all things words. She believes good copy is the difference between sales mediocrity and raging success, and has yet to be proven wrong.

When she's not slaving over a hot laptop, April is partial to hiking mountains, reading Zadie Smith, and (you guessed it) eating her weight in fried chicken.
As a TCA Consultant with expertise in partnerships and sponsorships, Sarina supports the delivery of our workshops, bringing her vibrant, engaging style of working to organisations across Australia.

Sarina brings a wealth of business strategy, stakeholder engagement and partnership experience from her time in industries as varied as professional sport, higher education, media, and tech. Connecting people, communicating the complex, and finding unique ways to engage with individuals and teams are just some of the many, many valuable skills Sarina possesses.

In her spare time, Sarina enjoys mentoring up-and-coming professional women, practising yoga and pilates, and spending time in the ocean.