Executive Coaching

Leadership, Connection and Growth.

Executive Coaching provides a safe place to focus on improving your performance, confidence, communication style and leadership presence.

By identifying the areas of improvement, we work together with individuals to establish and implement strategies for change, focusing on attitude, behaviour, mindset, empathy, communication and skills to achieve the pre-agreed goals.

Whether it’s high performing individuals, seasoned or new managers, we use coaching to overcome limiting beliefs, removing barriers to change and focus on performance and confidence.


01. Fit & Workability
Rather than choosing a coach based on words on a screen, referrals or what you think, we encourage a face to face meeting to establish a good rapport and fit.
It’s important to ‘get along’, have mutual respect but also to find a coach that holds you to account and challenges you.
02. Define Goals
We work with you to identify and confirm the areas of improvement and understand the drivers for this as we define the measurable objectives.
At this stage we also define ‘how’ we work together and the guiding principles for mutual respect and success.
03. Assessment & Observation
We conduct either an Emotional Intelligence (EQ),Adaptability (AQ) or Behaviour (DiSC) profile assessment to establish a baseline and identify areas to improve that align to the coaching goals.
Where possible, we also observe team or customer meetings or presentations to independently view performance.
04. Coaching
We’re strong believers in situational coaching that’s driven towards helping the individual.
Focusing on observation, face to face and video coaching, we believe your coach should come from a background of sales or marketing leadership to ensure that they have walked your shoes before and offer value at every touch-point.