Top 3 tips to Connection and not being "Too Salesy"​


The past year has turned everything we once knew as "normal" on its head. We've adapted and evolved and we're getting there. One question I'm asked regularly is, "How do we not be too salesy or insensitive during this time?" The answer is simple. You don’t ever be “salesy”! Whether in a pandemic situation (let's hope there's not another soon!) or anytime in a customer engagement, you need to change the conversation if you feel like you are.

Here are my top tips on keeping it real:

1. Connection with empathy: Be authentic. Be sensitive. Think with an empathetic mindset. Simply asking your customers, "How are you getting on?" Waiting. Then REALLY listening to their response. Don't think about what you are going to say next, but gauge how they are feeling. People are talking about their feelings and opening up like never before, and it gives you a chance to build a deeper connection with your customers. Its simple stuff but takes a mindful approach and slowing down to execute well.  

2. Personal connection = sales: let's face it, right now you're connecting with people in their homes via video chats, and there's a chance to see them (as they see you) in their homes. You wouldn't often invite your clients into your home (initially!), so this alone is helping us break down barriers of the usual office meeting/coffee chat when we are wearing our "office armour”. You have an opportunity to have a more intimate and focused conversation, and we all have this common enemy of this virus, and strangely, its reconnecting humans more than ever.

3. Thinking strategically: As we are reflecting on our own lives, what we will change, do differently, and resetting goals and aspirations; so too are our customers. Businesses have had to adapt quickly to stay afloat. Some are thriving, but most are just treading water or in hibernation phase at this time. Now the shock of all this has passed companies are using this time to inwardly reflect and strategise on their growth plans, what they can do differently and resetting their goals and aspirations. Now is a time to be open with your customers how you are working through this, and you can add value to your customers. That starts with thinking about the new problems they must solve and mapping out and helping them with their strategic plan (which includes you and your product/service!).

To summarise, sales for me is always about the connection to helping someone solve a problem they have, and then building a joint plan to help them get there. We have such an opportunity now to connect in a more personal and empathetic way. Now is the time to change the conversation, really connect and help your customers grow and thrive as we pass through the next phase and back to growth.  mpanies and empower customer-facing teams to connect, engage and build long lasting relationships with their customers. If this article resonates with you, get in touch – we would love to help.