Customer Insights

Customer Discovery

Discover, analyse, strategise and report.

Discover more about your business from your customers perspective. Align your strategy and actions to what they need.

Many companies spend too much time and resources defining their customer strategy, often without pulling their customer' perspectives and insights into the mix. As a result, too many assumptions are made about what we think our customers think, want, or need from us. To build a unique go-to-market experience for your customers, you first need to understand their most significant challenges and priorities. What does "value" mean to them?From working in the customer strategy space for over 22 years, we know that:
* Annual surveys emailed out to your customers aren't enough.
* Learning from favourite customers who already like you isn't enough.
* Your customers won't always tell you honestly if things aren't working to save face.

At The Customer Agency, we work with you to craft independent and unbiased conversations with your clients. We understand what you want to learn from your customers, and we go and have a conversation with them.

Our team are experts in having an open and honest conversation.
We listen, we learn, we empathise.
We speak to CEOs of ASX 100 regularly.

Clients engage us to help with customer discovery for several reasons, including the following:
* Need to cut costs and validate strategy from customers
* Defining a new go-to-market strategy
* Launching a new product to market
* NPS feedback is low and needs more detail
* Working through an M&A reconciliation process


01. Discovery Planning

02. Discovery Execution

We are mapping out the success criteria and getting to the heart of what you need to understand from your Customer and why. What are the biggest questions you need answers to? We are crafting the conversation briefs and lining up customer interviews with really punchy, impactful questions. We would generally recommend no less than 20 interviews to provide a diverse and objective analysis

We have 1:1 interviews, preferably face to face in person or virtually. We have the customer interview in a conversational style and ensure that the questions flow. It's crucial that your Customer feels comfortable and valued in giving their time.
All meetings are recorded and captured in a centralised, secure folder. These insights are core to our "Customer Discovery" sessions, and we take every care to ensure we are meeting the needs of our clients, representing on their behalf most professionally.

03. Analyse

04. Strategy Workshop

This phase is where we analyse all the findings and data and synthesise options and ideas. We bring together all the customer interview data and insights, understand the trends and output, and shape the key themes.
From an understanding of critical themes, best practice, and any other supplementary data, we can then start to shape the options around recommendations and delivering on the success criteria

While stand-alone independent recommendations can be helpful and interesting, we always prefer to liaise with our client at this stage on findings and key themes that arose. We conduct a one-day workshop to share all findings, insights, and initial recommendations to revisit the success criteria and helps to shape the final report. This session is usually in person, in an incubated environment with key internal stakeholders, many post-it notes, and is super interactive.

05. Discovery Report

We pull everything together in a formal report. We are addressing the answers to all your initial questions. In a documented formal report, we share all the insights, the key themes, the best practices of your industry, and the recommendations from the strategy workshop. We then provide you a horizontal step-by-step in 1, 3, 6, 9, 12-month increments plan of what you need to do to execute your customer strategy.